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Green oak beams

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Green oak is freshly sawn oak, It is usually less than 12 months seasoned so it still has a high water content. We stock a varied selection of green oak beams.

100x100  (2.4m £34)     (3m £41)     (£18 mtr cut to size)

150x100  (2.4m £48)     (3m £61)     (£24 mtr cut to size)

150x150  (2.4m £73)     (3m £91)     (£36 mtr cut to size)

200x100  (2.4m £73)     (3m £91)     (£36 mtr cut to size)

200x150  (2.4m £97)     (3m £121)   (£48 mtr cut to size)

200x200  (2.4m £129)   (3m £161)   (£64 mtr cut to size)

250x100  (3m £)   (£ mtr cut to size)

250x150  (3m £)   (£ mtr cut to size)

250x250  (3.0m £252.00)(4.0m £340.00) (5m £425.00)

300x100  (3m £)   (£ mtr cut to size)


We also have other sizes in stock so if you do not see what you need, please email us with a list of what you require.

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