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Bespoke Green slate hearth

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We offer a number of standard sized hearth stones, but we are able to cut and hand finish to pretty much any size you require including T shaped hearths to fit into your fireplace.

They come with a square cut edge as standard, but we are also able to do hand finished "eased" edges to remove the sharpness if required.

Please email us a rough sketch or drawing of the size and shape hearth you require to info@hoylanddismantling.co.uk or use the online enquiry from below so we can offer a quotation, we will require the following information to speed up the process;

 * A rough sketch/drawing showing size/shape

* Delivery postcode if delivery required

* Material type, in this case "Natural riven green slate"

We only stock limted sizes in the green slate which does limit the size of the single piece hearths we can manufacture, we will advise you if this is the case when you enquire and advise where we suggest having joints for it to be least noticeable.

You will notice some of the pictured items are a lighter in colour, the lighter colour is the slate in its natural state, the much darker is the slate finished with slate oil. We can supply the oil for you to seal/darken the slate, we also supply a ligher shade of oil which will seal the slate, but won't turn it really dark, this is also useful for darkening the edges which can sometimes appear lighter, if you need help or advice with this please don't be afraid to ask.

Please note; Slate is a natural product, each piece is totally unique with its own particular characteristics, the texture on the face varies from slab to slab and it may also contain natural flaws such as an uneven face, slight laminations or veins of quartz running through the slab, please be aware of this when ordering. We have uploaded several pictures of different pieces, please take time to view the picture gallery before ordering. If you have specific requirements it is advisable to discus this before you order so we can advise if we are able to meet your specific requirements.

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