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Porto fence panel

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The Porto Fence Panel is a popular choice for those wanting to strike a balance between contemporary and traditional. With its contemporary vertical slats and the more traditional diamond trellis topping it off, these panels suit a vast array of garden styles. These panels can also be matched up with the Porto Gate, to finish off the look. The Porto Fence Panel are an ideal boundary for adjoining properties, as the panels look just as good looking from both sides.

The Porto Fence Panel comes in 4 different heights.

1800 x 900    £32.95


1800 x 1800  £51.00


The Porto Fence Panels are green pressure treated (tanalised), for a much longer life than untreated wood. The green colour will fade to a light brown colour, eventually turning a silver grey. If you prefer the wood to be another colour, any woodcare or fence paint can be used to achieve the desired colour.

Width: 1800mm

Frame: 45mm x 45mm

Slats: 7.5mm x 95mm

Lattice: 12mm x 30mm, gap 50mm

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