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Air dried oak beams

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Air dried oak is oak which has been stored on stick and allowed to dry out/season naturally. Air dried oak is more stable than green oak as most of the most of the movement etc has occured during the drying process, so it is less likely to bend, twist and split once introduced to a new environment. We stock a varied selection of air dried oak beams.

Please note: due to high global timber demand, timber prices fluctuate regularly, whilst we try and keep these prices up to date, they can vary, so please check pricing and availability.


150x75    (2.4m £45)      (3m £60)       (£25 mtr cut to size)

150x100  (2.4m £65)      (£35 mtr cut to size)

150x150  (2.4m £95)      (3m £125)     (£50 mtr cut to size)

200x100  (2.4m £90)      (3m £120)     (£50 mtr cut to size)

200x150  (2.4m £130)    (3m £165)      (£65 mtr cut to size)

200x200  (2.4m £170)    (3m £220)      (£85 mtr cut to size)




We also have other sizes in stock so if you do not see what you need, please email us with a list of what you require.


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